For girls, all the items that are somehow associated with fashion are their essentials. This is one thing that they will never get tired of. Fashion today is not just about wearing something that is in trend, but it’s moreover a statement that defines the personality of an individual. Whether male or female, fashion, is more like obligatory. For every party or event, they attend they want to have something that shows off the true colours of uniqueness in comparison to the whole crowd. That is why they search for hours and hours for the accessories, just trying to find the one that has that wow factor in it and is a window to their personality. 

There is a complicated thing with us humans. When we meet anyone literally anyone, what we first take note of, in that person are always his feet. Whether we like it or not we will surely judge him and have some speculations about him and my friends vice versa. So, it is pesky enough to our eyes when we wear a pair of shoes that are completely mismatched with the complete attire. Imagine how out of this world, non-fashionable and weird we would be defining our personality through our style sense to the stranger.

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