The name diamond is has been evolved from the Greek word adamas, which essentially means unconquerable. This world perfectly describes a stone that is known as the strongest naturally occurring substance on Earth. There are harder materials; Wurtzite boron nitride which is unnaturally produced and lonsdaleite which always comes from meteorites but none of them are naturally available on earth. Diamonds were first found to be in use in India. The documented records show diamonds in use all the way back in 4th century BC, and it is commonly assumed that the youngest deposits were formed nine hundred million years ago. During that era, diamonds were considered important due to their strength and some even considered them to be excellent medical talismans and inhaled them to cure wounds and illnesses.

Until the 18th century, India was the main and only output for diamonds. But then as with all things in the world, the mines is India started draining. In 1725 diamonds were found in rivers by gold miners who were looking for gold. This ushered in a new diamond era for the South American nation. Brazil continued to dominate the diamond market for the next 150 years. Then in 1866, a 15 year old discovered a 21.25 carat diamond stone on the banks of the Orange River. Shortly after an 83.5 carat was found on a shallow hill called Colesberg Kopje. These discoveries sent the surrounding people into a diamond frenzy and the region was filled with thousands of gem prospectors. It was here that the first commercial diamond mine was opened; known as the Kimberly Mine. The world’s supply increased drastically leading to a big decrease in prices. The price of a diamond was down by 50% during the year 1919. A successful advertising campaign done in 1947 convinced the public to embrace the tradition of diamond engagement rings. Diamonds are now commonly used as engagement rings with up to 78% of engagement rings sold nowadays containing diamonds. This has led to better cutting techniques with the end result being better stones in the market. Nowadays a commonly used technique is to turn cremation ashes into diamonds.

This involves taking your loved ones ashes and turning it into beautiful stones so you can cherish their memory. The cremation ashes diamonds cost varies among many dealers. For a good deal, it is recommended to research better, so you can find a dealer with good workmanship and an acceptable price.

At the current moment, diamond supplies around the world are steadily decreasing. Only about 2% of diamonds mined nowadays are considered good enough to be sold and about seventy five to eighty percent of the mined gems are used for industrial purposes.