Over the last few decades, men’s tailoring has gone downhill. Sport coats and tux are becoming shorter and tighter, and not to mention the lower waistbands in trousers. These sort of styles often look good if you have a thin physique with broad shoulders, but they hardly look good on regular guys we come across every day. The horrible thing about the new tight, short suit cut is the ‘shirt triangle’, the tip of the tie or the belt buckle that appears under the coat buttoning point. Unless you want to look like a guy who wore his baby brother’s coat, stop wearing tuxes like this. So what can you do to take that awful shirt triangle away? Read to find out.

Buy a jacket that fits you well

Well the issue with the shirt triangle lies with guys buying fitted suits that are too tight than what is accepted and making it more tight by making the jacket small from the waist area. The jacket with the right fit will have the correct shape, so avoid altering the waist measurement for mens wedding suits. A tux has to fit you right. It doesn’t have to look like a corset. There are other ways to fix the shape the motivation behind this silly practice if to make it look as if they have the perfectly V-shaped figure. Unless you have maintained your body to look that way, you might want to bring that waist section few inches in. But that’s not the only way to fix the problem. Instead of altering the coat from the waist, try getting a V-shape by broadening the shoulders. This will make your waist look comparatively smaller.

Keep your jacket open

At times, you can’t come across a bespoke suits in Melbourne that has the correct coat and pants to make this work. Assuming this is the case, just stay away from buttoning up your coat. Truly, this will make you look better than having that horrendous shirt triangle appear. Likewise, keep away from coats that start buttoning too high on the middle. If right, your coat must button from your natural waist line.

Pull those pants up

Pretty simple. A pair of pants with a higher waist will give barely any space for your shirt and tie to appear. Sadly, higher-waist jeans likewise have a tendency to be cut pretty straight. Unless you get a pair of pants that fits just right around the thighs, a modifications tailor can help you by decreasing the leg width underneath the knee.