Deciding on what you should wear for that special first date you have tonight would be tough. You would want to stylish dress without going overboard. If you want to look like a gentleman, then you certainly should dress like a gentleman.

First impression

The first impression on anything would always have an impact on our mind. Therefore, you need to make sure you are dressed attractively, highlighting your attractive features. This will affect how your partner will behave for the rest of the date.

Fancy date

If you are planning on a dinner at a fancy restaurant, suits rogerdavid can never go wrong. If that is too fancy for you, a shirt preferably of a lighter shade with a blazer would do the trick. Maybe the women you would meet would not fit your personality, but she sure would spend plenty of time to look good for this date and therefore you need to return the favor. If your date is at a fancy restaurant, all the guests will be dressed well and you will not want to look underdressed. Besides, they say that it’s better to be over dressed than underdressed.

Casual date

Finding what to wear for a casual date would be difficult. Even if your date is to a sporting event or to the movie theater, you need to look like you put effort into what you put on. You need to wear a respectable outfit. Avoid men’s sweatpants, men’s athletic pants and men’s cargo pants. Wear dark colored jeans with a collared shirt preferably tucked in. Make sure your attire is clean and is not ragged. 


This is a very important aspect of your outfit. Make sure your shoes match the outfit. Do not wear your running shoes for a casual date. It’s called running shoes for a reason. Make sure your shoes are clean, stylish and not haggard. Your date will notice your shoes because both of you will be looking each other over, searching for what you like about each other.


Wear stylish accessories on your date, but do not go overboard. If you are in a suit, a matching tie, tie pin and cufflinks would make you look very fashionable and attractive. A stylish watch is always very attractive to wear for almost any type of date. However, if you feel like the tie pin or the cufflinks do not go with your personality, it’s better to avoid it than making you look like something you are not. Looking good on your first date is always important. You need to feel comfortable in your attire as this will boost your confidence. If you are well groomed and dressed for your first date you will be focused on getting to know your partner than worrying about how you look. A little effort can take you a long way.